One of Hip Hop’s greatest albums: Run DMC’s “Raising Hell”

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Hip Hop Greatness Spotlight: Run DMC’s 3rd Album

Run DMC’s “Raising Hell” helped propel them into solid standing as international stars. The iconic album was also instrumental in solidifying the genre as having undeniable staying power. There were certainly impactful rap albums before the Hollis-based crew’s third release, however, this release’s success was a clear statement that Hip Hop had grown beyond that of a niche genre fueled mostly by singles. If you’re a Hip Hop fan, producer, rapper, or dj, do yourself a favor and listen to this work of art. The music is timeless and there are plenty of gems to glean from both the sonic art and the creative execution of this masterpiece. – Israel Vasquetelle

Listen to one of the most important albums in Hip Hop history- Run DMC’s #RaisingHell #rundmc #goldenerahiphop #realhiphop

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