Slang Bangin’ with the Analog Brothers!!! Review by CyPhEr73

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Silver Synth

Junkadelic Music/Analog Brothers Presents: Silver Synth – Slang Banging Return to Analog


To be or not to be; is this an Analog Brothers album or not an Analog Brothers album, that is the question! Regardless of the questions that might accompany this newest release from the Analog crew, this LP is SLAMMIN’ (Yes, I’m taking it ol’ school)!!! “Slang Bangin” is 12 tracks of space pimpin’ at its’ best featuring Black Silver as Silver Synth, Kiew Nikon as Kiew Kurzweil, Kool Keith as Keith Korg, Marc Live as Marc Moog and Duce Dolby as well as production from DJ Junkaz Lou.

The album as a whole is hype throughout. Each track blends seamlessly with the next with enough head bop material to snap your neck. It might take a week of rubbing Icy Hot to get that tingling down your spine to subside but in the end it’s worth the pain. The beats are extremely dope and vary from up-tempo drum and bass steez to futuristic boom bap raw ish. Lyrically, everyone is on point and the addition of Kiew Kurzweil (Kiew Nikon to keep it real), only solidifies this release.

Both Kiew and Silver have collaborated many times before so their back and forth wordplay is impeccable. Black Silver rarely gets mentioned (if ever) when it comes to the topic of ill emcees. Can we finally agree that Black Silv is amongst the illest lyricists!  Fans of the AB’s will quickly realize that there are some things missing (this is pertaining to my statement above). First, Ice-T is nowhere to be found on this release and you only have one appearance each from Kool Keith (Ziplocked) and Marc Live (Touch the Level). It would have been great to have all of them on one track and also interesting to hear what the newest member Kiew would have sounded like rhyming with Ice Oscillator.

In the end, this album full of such interesting combinations of sounds and rhythms so, the complaints are few and far in-between. For the haters, quit complaining about how there’s no new good music coming out and give this LP a chance. Support this project by going to and cop it. NOW!!! Bless CyPhEr73