Talking marketing with author Seth Godin

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Seth Godin is one of the most respected marketing authors today. His bestselling books are read by business people of all walks and industries. His titles provide readers with unique perspectives on reaching their customers in organic, non-instrusive, and meaningful ways. Some of his better known titles include: All Marketers are LiarsFree Prize InsidePurple CowMeatball Sundae, and Tribes. In this interview, we speak about his career, success, social media, breaking through the noise and how to effectively build awareness.

In the first segment of our interview, the marketing guru discusses important concepts found in his new book Linchpin. He also sheds insight into how to be a better marketer and succeed in the media and artistic industries.

In the second segment the acclaimed speaker talks about making an impact with your audience. He also identifies the real problem with the recorded music industry. Godin also explains how his unleashing of the Idea Virus online for free was one of the most impactful marketing idea-spreading activities of his career.

In segment three Godin discusses how to break through all of the marketing noise that exists today. He was also gracious enough to answers my question regarding providing a SECRET to his success.

There is plenty to learn from Seth Godin. The information discussed can assist entrepreneurs and artists of all walks. -I. Vasquetelle


  1. Thanks for posting this! Though I have his iphone App and books, these interviews really get to the crux of the finishing issue. Though I’ve been reading his books for their application to the arts, it’s cool Seth Godin dealt with the arts directly (not just marketing, but the actual delivery/shipping/finishing) in Linchpin. Great interview and conversation!

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  3. “If you are serious about your art, you will spend a decade to make it happen”. Seth Godin hit it on the head with this simple, yet enlightening comment. Any activity worthwhile will require effort. The more worthwhile the project or activity, the more effort is required. Passion is what I refer to as the pursuit of what some people call “impossible”. We can certainly control our destiny. Henceforth, my mantra is: Make it Happen!

    Tony Samuel

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