Talking with entertainment mogul Ice Cube: The “Are We There Yet” interview

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When it comes to the pinnacle of entertainment, Mr. O’Shea Jackson, better known as Ice Cube to the world, arrived quite a while ago. As a performer, he’s transcended from Hip Hop legend to movie star, all while maintaining credibility in both worlds. As an entertainment entrepreneur, he’s successfully conquered the music, film, and now television industries. Counting the “Friday” and “Barbershop” movies, “Are We There Yet” is his third franchise film. This time, he’s delivered one of his popular major motion picture properties to TV. The family-oriented sitcom stars Terry Crews (known best as Chris Rock’s father on “Everybody Hates Chris” and the over the top spokesman/model in the hugely viral Old Spice commercials) and Essence Atkins. Atkins plays Suzanna Kingston, opposite Crews as Nick Persons (Cube’s character on the big screen version). The program focuses on the challenges faced within the home of the Persons/Kingston blended family. Comedy ensues as Nick tries to win the affection of the two new children in his life, all while attempting to maintain a harmonious relationship with Suzanna.

Although Cube’s major role in this production is actually behind the camera as executive producer, he also fills the recurring role of Terrence, Suzanna’s overprotective older brother. In this interview, Ice Cube discusses his new television program and shares his insight into the entertainment industry. -Interview by Israel Vasquetelle.

Make sure to check Ice Cube discuss his career and more with Insomniac Magazine here.


  1. Very informative and well conducted interview. Cube provided valuable insight into the inner-workings of his new show. BTW, I bet Katt Williams and Betty White are already hard at work on that film you mentioned (Ha Ha). Keep up the great work!

  2. He has many accomplishments in the industry, but I’ll always be a fan for NWA’s Straight Outta Compton and Amerikkka’s Most Wanted.

  3. Cube is a business man. He’s doing this show to get ad monies from product placement, and possibly get ad monies from syndicated re-runs in a few years. But I ain’t mad @ him. Get that money Cube. Cube’s my n***a. Let’s face it, Cube’s a monster in the game now. He’s big pimpin’.. We all remember ‘Who’s the Mack’ from Amerikka’s Most Wanted. But let’s be forewarned; the show will not jump off if he does not have good writers in place. Even Cube’s got deep competition out there. From what I’ve seen so far the indie made “Meat-Grinder” is a hellava lot funnier than the “Are-We There-Yet” trailers. Media itself is so friggin’ vast, that’s what makes all new media UNpalatable. Media is just too big now. But, regardless, Cube will make nice guap off of this show because he’s “Cube”, period. Cube has been an established product since ’91. But whew! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, let’s have some fun with all these PC comments, shall we?… It’s funny to notice how the evil control freaks of media publicity sodomize there way into everything; even the last only real hip hop voice left in this world as we know it. **The Insomniac**. I wish Cube would do another interview here with an open door to the realist friggin’ fans in hip hop. These are a few things we “really” want to know from Ice Cube (can I get a witness, howl glory from Aunt Ester): Check it; Were those early deals with Bryan Turner over at Priority records P n D deals? (1990 first solo, Amrikkas Most Wanted…) Did he press units himself and deliver them to Priority, or did they press? Did he get jacked on his first solo? If so, how bad did Priority rob him? How many tapes were shipped the first week? What type of relationship does he have with his cousin Kam (Craig Miller)? [Kam helped to make the ‘Death Certificate’ album look very powerful when he marched with other people on the back of the record. They all had on Farrakhan looking 3 piece suits on with bow ties.] Some people in the press actually called Kam the west coast Rakim when his first Album dropped (‘Neva Again WEA ’93) Ice Cube’s movies always have that pro-blackness feel to them, & nobody’s more pro-black than his cousin Craig….. did Craig have any parts in any of Cube’s movies?.. I don’t remember that he did..& How much is Cube worth? [after 10 solo albums, 26 movies and counting; I would guess @ least 100 million] Let’s do Cube’s dopest contributions: I give props only on Death Certificate, Lethal Injection, Amerikkas Most Wanted, Straight Outta Compton, Bootlegs & B sides) Kam’s = Neva Again, and Made in America & Cube’s featured vocal on Too Short’s ‘Bitch ain’t nothin’ but a word’
    Well guys n gals, let’s see if Izreal can pull it off.. can we have a part 2 of this interview, strik-lee for us rill knick-uhs; shouts out to Compton (yeah Tim Dog you heard me, I just shouted out the West Sizzide) ha .. peace, & snoop dog hair grease. Lork Deez

  4. Cube was able to infiltrate hollywood and actually find a career there. Few go beyond the typical rapper’s short lived career, he built a real career. How many have been able to do that? Will Smith, Ice T, that’s it. Others have gotten roles- Ludacris and DMX, but Cube’s a real player beyond just talent. That deserves respect.

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