Tupac and Biggie – Who Killed Them?

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Tupac and Biggie!  The names still draw controversy, even decades after their still unsolved killings. Tupac Assassination: Battle For Compton, takes us on a journey that seeks to explain the motives for the murders of two of rap’s biggest super stars.

In this new documentary, we hear first-hand accounts of what happened from the people who were on the scene of both murders. The producers of this documentary outline the various conspiracy theories surrounding the deaths of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace and Tupac Amaru Shakur.

They also provide persuasive theories as to who paid for the hit on both Biggie and Tupac, along with the players involved in the still unsolved murders.

Some of The Key Players & Questions

When the story explores the sudden deaths of major players like Russell Poole, Frank Alexander and Michael Moore, there are more questions than answers. Poole was the dogged investigator looking into the murder of Biggie Small and he was working with the Wallace family.

Alexander and Moore were former bodyguards of Tupac and were in Las Vegas the night of Tupac’s murder. Both bodyguards say, unequivocally that Death Row’s Head of Security, Reggie Wright Jr. mysteriously ordered all 23 security personnel to leave their weapons behind on the same night the labels biggest star was gunned down in a hail of bullets on a Las Vegas street. Why?

Major conspiracy theories and questions abound regarding the murders of both Tupac and Biggie. To this day, no one has been held accountable for these two high profile killings. Unbelievably, even with law enforcement on the scene at both murders, the killings are still unsolved. Why?

Who is David Kenner and what was his role at Death Row? If you believe Moore and Alexander, why would Reggie Wright, Head of security at Death Row, tell all bodyguards to come unarmed and to leave all their weapons behind on the same night Tupac is gunned down on a Las Vegas street?

Was Orlando Anderson the real shooter of Tupac and was there a conspiracy to pin the murder on the wrong man, in order to cover up a “botched hit”? Did the snatching of a Death Row chain lead to the fight at the MGM and to the eventual shooting that killed Tupac?

What did the city of Compton have to do with Death Row Records and its owner Suge Knight? Was Suge the real target of the assassination? Did the Las Vegas police bungle the case?

Who is David Mack and what was his alleged role in the killing of Biggie Smalls? Did the LAPD knew multiple police officers were working for Death Row?

Will There Ever Be Justice?

This documentary explores the various conspiracies and provide credible answers. The Wallace and Shakur families deserve justice. Two of raps biggest super stars were murdered and no one has been held accountable. Why?

Here’s the trailer to the documentary that explores the mysteries behind the death of Hip Hop’s most iconic artists.

Tony Samuel