UK Hip Hop’s best kept secret: Interview with producer El Ay

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Insomniac Magazine Hip Hop Spotlight: UK Producer El Ay

Interview by Israel Vasquetelle

Interview with UK Hip Hop producer El Ay.

If you’ve followed Insomniac Magazine for a while, it’s likely you’ve noticed members of the Hip Hop collective known as #THEWINNERS frequently featured on the site. The crew features some of the most talented rising emcees and producers in the Hip Hop music industry. The multi-talented sole female member from the UK, El Ay, brings impressive production and soulful vocals on every track she graces. She also produces solo projects that showcase both her boom-bap production and sultry singing.

In this interview, El Ay discusses her influences, path into the music industry and upcoming projects. She also shares insight into the UK’s thriving Hip Hop  scene. After watching the interview, make sure to check out streams of her various projects below. – Interview and story by Israel Vasquetelle

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