“Whole Train” German graffiti film exudes Hip Hop passion

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Whole Train’s tells a dramatic story of a graffiti crew that could easily have been told in New York City during the ‘70s and ‘80s, instead of Germany today. For graffiti aficionados, the film will be reminiscent of the classic documentary Style Wars. The movie also gives a significant nod to Wild Style. The gritty tale provides a compelling look into a world of passion and peril. While watching the film with Lork, at one point he looks over and says, “it’s good to see that somewhere, someone still cares enough about this element of Hip Hop to make this movie.”

One scene that struck me was of two rival crews, with pure distain for each other, settling the score by battling with their art. In essence, this is what Hip Hop did so many years ago- it took inner city kids out of gangs and into a world of creative self-expression.

Director Florian Gaag brings to the screen the lives of those who stimulate the otherwise grayscale streets with vibrant hues through stunning art. The action and story are so visual that it makes following the subtitles in this German film almost redundant at times.

As a side, the film’s score and soundtrack are flowing with amazing Hip Hip, including music from the likes of KRS One, El the Sensei, Planet Asia, and other notable lyrical rap stars.

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